The arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home has generated an ecstatic buzz among MCU and cinematic enthusiasts because this third instalment to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man series serves its purpose of an incredible pop culture moment, as we witness him share the big screen with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. This highly anticipated cross-over has been a trending topic since the trailer’s reveal, which initially introduced nostalgia through the prolific re-appearance of Dr Oc. Likewise, it’s been a big year for UK rap, as many artists are experiencing their ‘main character moment’ having delivered projects that will go onto be hot topics of discussion for years to come, whilst others are still acknowledged for the timelessness of their art.

Seeing as we’ve now been introduced to the concept of the Multiverse, and watched a handful of home-grown talents flourish, the timing is perfect to present you with a breakdown of UK rappers if they were characters in Spider-Man: No Way Home!

Peter 2 | Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man – Kano

Both OG’s in their fields, and the type of individuals who have a character profile that brings about nostalgia when music or MCU lover’s hear their name. If there was to be a Tobey Maguire on the UK rap scene, it would be the maker of Home Sweet Home, and our favourite Top Boy, Kano. Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker is constantly credited for laying solid foundations in a world where Spider-Man would exist, having been the first to remarkably portray Peter Parker, and just like him, our old school favourite spitter, doesn’t go unnoticed for his contribution to Grime and UK Hip-Hop, being among the first poets of his kind on the  scene. 

Peter 3 | Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman – Little Simz

As of recent, there’s been a huge wave of love that Little Simz and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker have received – and it’s about time. Rebellious in the way she constructs her captive sonics, this rap Goddess and our favourite introvert, SIMBI would be the Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew’s Peter, like Simz, has an introverted aspect, but when it’s time to embrace the hero part of himself, and come out of his shell – even as Peter – he captures the attention of audiences by bringing out a highly eccentric persona, that diverges from the one in both Tobey and Tom’s portrayal; as does Little Simz when she’s out for blood in her bars. Both Simbi and Garfield are magnetic standouts in their own universes, no doubt.

Peter 1 | Tom Holland’s Spider-Man – Dave 

Rap prodigy and going strong in his lead for the younger gen, Dave, embodies the qualities of our current Peter Parker, Tom Holland. Both appeal to the masses, by setting a high standard, and hold a place in the hearts of many, with the way they’re able to transcend audiences of all age groups through the delivery of their art. No Way Home’s Spider-Man, and the platinum selling artist, hold traits that truly make them the “people’s champ.” Just as we witness Tom share the screen with Andrew and Tobey in No Way Home, Dave also stepped forward to share the mic with Stormz, Meekz, Ghetts, and, Giggs on his most recent project, ‘WAAITT’.  This pairing defines the aspects, of how the old gen meets with the new to create a feeling of what can be best referred to, as ‘new school nostalgia‘.

Electro, portrayed by Jamie Foxx | Skepta 

This comparison shouldn’t be surprising, because it goes without saying that when it comes Skepta, everything about his sound and artist: is charged up. Electric. Whether it’s what he’s given to us in projects, features, or live performances. Much like the Tottenham spitter, Electro, represents a character hungry for power and quick to adapt to the frequencies of a different universe; both him and Skep are multi-dimensional figures. So the UK’s Electro would be our Greaze Mode beast, Skepta. 

Lizard, portrayed by Rhys Ifans | Giggs 

Dr Curtis Connors carries himself as a perceptive, methodical man; driven by the determination to succeed, as seen with his genetic hybridisation trails. Having taken interns under his wing whilst working at Oscorp, it’s clear he’s very open to the ideas of youngsters. Similar to Dr. Connors, Giggs – despite maintaining his signature, tranquil flow, and road rap style throughout the years –  has in fact demonstrated innovative approaches with his music; especially with the collaborations on his last Mixtape Now or Never, and sparking talks of a potential link up with Kentucky sensation, Jack Harlow, during the summer.  Also it’s uncanny how the two parallel each other with their, deep, gruff voices, and something about The Lizard’s humour in NWH, really gives off a Gigg-esque vibe.

Dr Otto Octavius, portrayed by Alfred Molina | Ghetts

Ahead of his time no doubt, and consumed by the art of technology, Dr Otto Octavius is GOAT’ed as villain in the Spider-Man series, and the origins of his villain story lead him to become an antagonist that truly thinks outside the box – whether he was under the control of AI or not. If there’s a scientist of the game in the UK, it’s Ghetts as he’s highly experimental and given listeners evolutionary material in his 2021 album, Conflict of Interest.  Like Dr Oc, Ghetts takes his art into different spaces and is a true, sonic shapeshifter. 

Sandman, portrayed by Thomas Haden church | Stormzy

Sweet by nature, but ready to unleash a storm if it comes to it, Spider-Man’s Sandman doesn’t hold traits of a villain with a poor temper, but rather those of a force that should not be reckoned with because he can easily adapt to and fuel the conditions of a fight through manipulation of his abilities, to cause damage. Stormzy, like his super human counterpart, brings a chaos – a sandstorm –  to his raps, and has mastered the art of adjusting to more contemporary styles, as seen with his recent features on Dave’s Clash, Ghett’s Skengman, and the progress in his discography which has put him at the forefront of UK Rap.

Green Goblin, portrayed by Willem Dafoe | Little Simz – The People’s Choice | Chipmunk – In Reality

Willem Dafoe delivered a masterclass performance in No Way Home with the reprisal of his role as Green Goblin, embodying every aspect of a villain that needed to crush Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, pushing him to becoming the Spider-Man he is. Simbi is no villain, but she has never missed with the delivery of an album, woven with words, sonic styles, and flows that are truly top of their league and tump out her male counterparts on the scene. She’s previously proven this with the 11/10 Grey Area, and this year, the Brit nominated SIMBI. If there’s anyone who’s capable of a Green Goblin style execution, whilst being labelled a hero for her impact as a female rapper, it’s Islington’s very own, Little Simz. 

On the other hand, if there’s a spitter who can hold his own in a feud, and deliver antagonistic pen in the same way that Green Goblin delivers lines that go on to be ingrained in the minds of the protagonists he impacts, it’s Chipmunk. Notorious for being in a number of heated UK Rap wars, and a very skilled bar-er when sending shots, in reality Chip does have what it takes to be the scene’s Green Goblin, whilst maintaining the status of an acclaimed artist, among his core audience.

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